Avenue Business Support has two Principal Associates based in the Midlands - Jim Bonnyman and Rob Simpson. Between them Jim and Rob have a comprehensive background in terms of starting, developing and helping businesses. Their experience and expertise cover a wide variety of different business scenarios and client groups in both the public and private sectors and they have operated at a senior level across a range of different concerns, including finance and pensions, sales and marketing ,education and training, local government and manufacturing. In addition we can also call upon the expertise of Specialist Associates to provide specific support in discrete fields like stocktaking, accountancy, legal issues, income generation and venture capital.


We are also pleased to announce the appointment of Graham Willins as a Senior Associate, based in London.


Jim Bonnyman has over 30 years of experience in both the public and private sectors. He holds national business qualifications and has operated at a senior level in many scenarios, including education and training, local government and private industry covering property development, which he’s still concerned with, and business support. In particular Jim has in recent years been involved in building up new companies, bringing them successfully to the point of sale. His varied involvement with a number of public and commercial initiatives, confronting many of the challenges facing businesses, helps him to empathise with and speak the same language as Owners/Directors. Jim is a qualified IOEE Business Mentor


Rob Simpson has over 20 years experience in the financial services sector. In July 2003 he set up Simpson Financial Services Ltd to provide independent financial advice to UK businesses and individuals and he retains his role in this dynamic, successful company as Managing Director. He is also a member of the of the Chartered Insurance Institute and holds it’s Diploma in Financial Planning. As a partner in Avenue Business Support he offers a holistic approach, always backed up with a strong emphasis on financial matters, whether involved with the initial business diagnostic and/or any subsequent oversight of ongoing business support. With Rob's areas of expertise including financial services, Avenue's operations as they may pertain to financial matters are conducted under the umbrella of Simpson Financial Services Ltd, a company authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. 


Graham Willins has a comprehensive commercial background built up over 30 years. In the early days he gained experience in management in the insurance and marketing sectors, working in both a corporate and self employment capacity. Over the past 12 years Graham has harnessed his knowledge and skills gained in supporting the survival and growth of SMEs funded by the public sector.  This has included designing, setting up, monitoring and managing a business mentoring programme where large corporate managers mentored to SME owners. Graham has created, marketed and managed procurement events providing SMEs with opportunities to obtain business from local government contracts via the principle contractor. Graham also facilitated and signposted potential new entrepreneurs to start-up advice, guidance and information.  Other business support projects included managing a business development (knowledge transfer) programme for SME owners who benefited  from advice from specialist consultants and openly shared and discussed mutual commercial challenges and solutions with other SMEs and also a project that enabled business owners to forge plans and increase knowledge to access additional finance including investment from  business angels. Graham has an NVQ equivalent in mentoring and is also a qualified IOEE Business Mentor.